Charity Fashion Show 21 June Bournemouth

Now for someone as naturally stylish as me, it’s great to have this recognised by style professionals. In this case it is Kiki’s Boutique

J D Wetherspoon in Lymington

I was initially amused to see that there was a thread running through BBC Breakfast TV this morning concerning whether Lymington was snobby and elitist. And why? Because the planning application for a J D Wetherspoon pub had been rejected.

I say ‘initially’ amused as I have been astonished at the volume and tone of comment and debate generated by the item. Regrettably a lot has been ill-informed with people making good use of their pre-formed prejudices to come to their conclusions. So without further ado I will add my ill-informed prejudices to them.

I’m not sure the interview I saw with a member of the Lymington Society arguing that the character of the town would be ruined was possibly the best choice of argument against the pub. In a town with a number of national high street shops, restaurants and coffee shops

Technology versus the grape

Don’t get me wrong, I love technology but I haven’t yet descended into the dark depths of the complete gadget freak. However if something is electrically driven, has buttons, is made of polished metal, or preferably all three, then in my book it’s worth checking out. I am a techno-realist though and do realise that sometimes technology obscures the blindingly obvious because of the erroneous belief that computers can’t make mistakes.

OK, technically it’s the programmer that makes the mistake and having that particular skill in my portfolio, I would be the first to admit that programmers aren’t perfect. Particularly at around ten minutes to quitting time on a Friday when a fudge that will work 99% of the time would get you out of there in time for the weekend. Not something I’d do of course, I’m just giving it as an example. It used to be said that a particularly badly manufactured item was a ‘Friday Afternoon Special’. So it would seem that since our economy, such as it is, has moved resolutely into smoke and mirrors, otherwise known as the services sector, the Friday Afternoon Special is still alive and well. Albeit contained in electrons in circuits rather than something parked outside your house.

Today I came across two examples of computers adding to effort rather than easing our lives. First example was at Waitrose in Lymington. To be sure a fine shopping experience normally, but today we made the mistake of buying some reticent black seedless grapes. To be honest they hadn’t seemed particularly chatty when we weighed them and in truth had been a little sullen as we walked around the store. What we were not expecting