Houdini and the Sunroom

So we finally found out what a sunroom is really for. Simple really, don’t know why we didn’t cotton on sooner! It is of course for hedgehogs or hedgepigs as they are apparently known in the Antipodes. No, me neither, but Lodger who hails from those parts calls the little spiny guys that and being a vet, should really know.

So looking out of the window late yesterday afternoon, Lodger let us know we a have a hedgepig in the garden. At that point I had no idea what that was, but perhaps because of that I decided it was worth a look.

Cue teenie-tiny hedgehog snuffling around looking for food. Now because BBC Wildlife exists we didn’t need a vet to tell us that a. It was too small to survive the winter and b. It shouldn’t have been out at that time in the day. Because Cat is getting on a bit now, she has to have specially prepared food or else we have to be willing to face the consequences. Much like most Old Things. So we had some of this to hand and deposited a small pile in front of said hedgehog. One sniff and a few gobbling sounds later a new pile had to be deposited which was likewise summarily dispatched.

So we now had an

Can you get Milford on Sea on the NHS?

Thing about ‘summer’ this year is you have to Seize the Fish when the opportunity presents itself. OK I know Carpe Diem means seize the day, but any mention of Carp just begs for a deliberate mis-translation in what passes for my mind. So Seize the Fish it is. Spread the use, you know it makes (no) sense!

To what was I alluding? Oh yes, break in bad weather equals chance to get out of the house. Wife had been feeling poorly for most of day yesterday so when the evening came and offered nothing in the way of precipitation and only Germany versus Holland on the tele, I suggested a short drive to Milford on Sea. Why MoS? It has the advantage of car parks right on the front with disabled spaces and benches which look out over the sea to the Needles.

Strangely to my mind, but I’ve already drawn too much attention to that anyway, there were not too many people enjoying the not cold evening so it was remarkably quiet. Since we’re not yet old enough to sit sleeping

Even Bugs Need A Place To Live

So you blink and the summer’s gone, you’ve not written a thing, witty or otherwise for some little while now. Call it obligation, inspiration, whatever, here we go again.

Regular readers will recall that I am a keen watcher of gardens rather than a gardener, but I am kept informed of what is prevailing in the floricultural sense by Wife and Wife’s Garden Help. So it appears that a lot of creepy crawlies are actually the friends of gardeners. Who’s to know? And not being warm-blooded, have a bit of a time of it when it gets cold. Which it just has. Since to the best of my knowledge there are no bug heating engineers, it is beholden on those who care to come to Insect Aid.

Just to save you Googling it, no there isn’t an organization known to Google called Insect Aid. Maybe there should be. There a tax-deductible opportunity waiting for someone. Anyway the answer turns out to be a ‘Bug Hotel’. I know what you’re thinking and I’m ‘way ahead of you. No it doesn’t have anything to do with Spooks, either real or imagined. Spies that is, not ghouls. So without further ado, I present you with the Ritz, for bugs.

Bug Hotel

The deal is that you get as many different habitats as you can that bugs might find comfortable. So loads of different holes and materials is the order of the day. I haven’t been able to figure out whether rather than being a secure home, it may become a four star restaurant for Bugs Who Eat Bugs. However short of buying some of those little padlocks you get for travel luggage, I couldn’t think of any means of adding security. Maybe the Bugs Who Are Eaten By Bugs will band together and post sentries. I was going to add ‘stranger things have happened’, but I’m not sure they have. Only one piece of furniture was harmed in the making of this hotel, although the need for bottles did require me to sacrifice some time imbibing alcoholic beverages. The sacrifices I make.

So with Winter well and truly pouinding on the door, I was looking back at some pictures I took during the long Autumn and thought they beared sharing. I am a sucker for an Acer of just about any type and we have a few in our Garden. This year the Liquid Amber was quite wonderful in colour and intensity.

Liquid Amber

Rather nice huh? Not to be outdone our tiny Paper Bark Maple did it’s utmost to put on a bit of a show, particularly when the low afternoon sun hit.

Paperbark Maple

Just in case you are wondering, that’s Blanche the white fowl. OK it’s actually a cockerel, but that wouldn’t allow such a clever play on words in naming it.