Hampshire Guitar Orchestra Live Concert

From time to time I get told about events which are happening locally, but not always in time to publish the info. So it was great to hear about a concert by the Hampshire Guitar Orchestra (Hago) well in advance.

For thems that don’t know, Hago is a classical guitar orchestra based in, well Hampshire surprisingly. The Orchestra was formed by Derek Hasted in 1999 and will be celebrating

Size isn’t everything

One of the joys (and dangers) of t’Internet is following links and ending up someplace totally unexpected. For certain types of unexpected there’s always content filters, for others there’s generally a lot of time spent when you least can afford it. Oh well, that’s progress folks…

So anyway I was on LinkedIn looking for potential Links and came across a guy I knew from back in the Big Smoke who was apparently now oop t’North. (I seem to recall I knew that, but age, memory, etc.)

Love at first strum

There comes a point in every guitarists life (and maybe every other musicians’ as well for all I know) when they see The Guitar (insert other Capitalised instrument of choice if required). It’s the guitar they were born to play, the One they will cherish for ever, or at least until the next Guitar comes around. Yes I know, it’s essentially wood and metal assuming you confine yourself to what used to be called ‘folk’ guitars and electrics. But try telling that to BB King as you try to prise Lucille from his grasp.

Not suprisingly there is a Wikipedia (aka always utterly, utterly true) entry just on that one guitar. However if you view it any romantic ideas of one man, one guitar are quickly dispelled. Lucille is many. And some weren’t even Gibsons, oh the horror. I guess if you’re not into guitars then that won’t make any sense to you, but at least I didn’t start on about whether the guitar had