A337, the highway to hell (or just Lyndhurst)

I imagine there must have been a blue moon someplace as I feel compelled to write a post, but what about? As it happens I recently had the great fortune to drive north through Brockenhurst, through the switchback which is the Lyndhurst one-way system and onward to the M27.

As per normal in the summer there was a sizeable tailback from Lyndhurst, north up the A337 and when I say sizeable, maybe epic might be more appropriate. Epic as in Ben Hur, but with considerably less movement involved.

As I passed by smiling and waving (inside at any rate, I have no desire to induce road-rage in those less

Olympic Torch comes to Lymington

Yes it’s true. As the 24-hour news stations so tediously put it, Breaking News!!! The Olympic Torch will visit out faire towne on 14th July which is Day 57

Technology, it’s magic

I am reliably informed (via Google) that Arthur C. Clarke once said