A337, the highway to hell (or just Lyndhurst)

I imagine there must have been a blue moon someplace as I feel compelled to write a post, but what about? As it happens I recently had the great fortune to drive north through Brockenhurst, through the switchback which is the Lyndhurst one-way system and onward to the M27.

As per normal in the summer there was a sizeable tailback from Lyndhurst, north up the A337 and when I say sizeable, maybe epic might be more appropriate. Epic as in Ben Hur, but with considerably less movement involved.

As I passed by smiling and waving (inside at any rate, I have no desire to induce road-rage in those less

Houdini and the Sunroom

So we finally found out what a sunroom is really for. Simple really, don’t know why we didn’t cotton on sooner! It is of course for hedgehogs or hedgepigs as they are apparently known in the Antipodes. No, me neither, but Lodger who hails from those parts calls the little spiny guys that and being a vet, should really know.

So looking out of the window late yesterday afternoon, Lodger let us know we a have a hedgepig in the garden. At that point I had no idea what that was, but perhaps because of that I decided it was worth a look.

Cue teenie-tiny hedgehog snuffling around looking for food. Now because BBC Wildlife exists we didn’t need a vet to tell us that a. It was too small to survive the winter and b. It shouldn’t have been out at that time in the day. Because Cat is getting on a bit now, she has to have specially prepared food or else we have to be willing to face the consequences. Much like most Old Things. So we had some of this to hand and deposited a small pile in front of said hedgehog. One sniff and a few gobbling sounds later a new pile had to be deposited which was likewise summarily dispatched.

So we now had an

Lymington Rotary Club fireworks display 2012

The inevitable advance of Winter is always highlighted around this time each year as news of the annual extravaganza which is the Lymington Rotary Club annual fireworks display hoves into view over the horizon. I don’t mean to blame the good Rotarians of Lymington for any inclement weather that comes our way this season, after all it’s been a year to forget if only we could, weather-wise, but nonetheless after Halloween and Bonfire Night it’s all pretty much downhill until Christmas.

It will come as no surprise to those who have attended before that it’s being held on Pennington Common again this year and there is free parking on the common. Call me paranoid if you will, but I hope there are a few farmers or 4×4 drivers in the Rotarians as after the