Lymington Rotary Club fireworks display 2012

The inevitable advance of Winter is always highlighted around this time each year as news of the annual extravaganza which is the Lymington Rotary Club annual fireworks display hoves into view over the horizon. I don’t mean to blame the good Rotarians of Lymington for any inclement weather that comes our way this season, after all it’s been a year to forget if only we could, weather-wise, but nonetheless after Halloween and Bonfire Night it’s all pretty much downhill until Christmas.

It will come as no surprise to those who have attended before that it’s being held on Pennington Common again this year and there is free parking on the common. Call me paranoid if you will, but I hope there are a few farmers or 4×4 drivers in the Rotarians as after the

Lymington Rotary Club firework display 2011

Ok, thought I should do a quick update here as there have been a bunch of people looking for the Lymington Rotary Club firework display and coming up with my post from a previous year. So here goes.

Please note-

Since we are due quite a lot of rain here on Saturday, it has been moved to Sunday at the Pennington Recreation Ground, Lodge Road, Pennington.

Details as follows;

Gates open 5pm Fireworks 6.30pm


Market in your diary

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to go to the Rotary Club fireworks for family