Twas a dark and stormy night

Not a great surprise given that yesterday evening the weatherperson said last night would be a dark and stormy night. Not a verbatim quote you understand, but that was the gist of it. Incidentally, why dark and stormy? Most nights are dark, it’s what makes them night by and large. Still I suppose it scans better than ‘it was a night significantly darker than normal, and stormy to boot’. Actually I think I like that better.

So where was I? Oh yes, the trouble with having a bedroom in an attic extension is that you get to hear all the storminess of it pretty much at first hand, and I began to realise how people could be sent mad by the Mistral wind in Southern France, which consistently blows at 35mph for days on end. One night was quite enough thank you and the cat was none too impressed either.

Not sure it was a good thing or not, but it certainly made it clear that the roof in what we have given up and are now calling the sun room, was indeed leaking for the visit of the builder this morning. So as soon as it stops raining, say May probably, someone will be pulled off another job and armed with a couple of Acros will sally forth onto the plasticky stuff on the roof to make sure we never, ever get another drip through again. Well that’s my intention, I’m guessing any guarantee may not be quite so open ended.

DIY and builders

Like a lot of Lymington at the moment, our house has a ‘not yet finished’ look to parts of it. You know what it’s like, watch too many Grand Overdrafts type programmes and you instinctively feel you have to make changes. Of course the changes we are making are very sensible, life-enhancing and add value to our property. Funny how if you keep telling yourself something it turns out to be true in the end. No, really.

So how to get rid of an unused and unusable area which used to be a coal and wood storage area between the house and garage in a way which might even have Kevin McCloud salivating? Obviously the right builder is everything. Get that wrong and you’re staring down the wrong end of a very uncomfortable visit to the bank. So you go with a recommendation from friends and comfort yourself that even though you are going to have to wait six months before anything even starts, it’ll be worth it because no good builder ever says “We can start next week mate”. Continue Reading…