Paper Beats Card

As a techie I am almost too aware of the limitations of the technology which we have come to rely so heavily on, but this past week it became even clearer if that were possible.

Most people these days have a plastic card or two, you seem to get them for just about everything, libraries, leisure clubs, driving licences and of course there’s the cash card, debit card, credit card or whatever from your bank, credit card company or building society (I think there are still some mutual societies left not pretending to be banks). So whilst contemplating that last over-long paragraph, let me tell you a story…

I have a business account for my business. Money (sometimes) goes in and quickly out again. I think it’s called cash flow but in

Disabled access to banks in Lymington

Last week, or the week before, or…. well recently anyway, I was in Barclays in Lymington High Street