Sure, if they’re in a cartoon or running round a wheel in a cage. When they are not cute is when they are in your attic! First thing we knew was when there was this strange scratching sound coming from the ceiling. Cat got quite interested so we thought we should too, so torch in hand into the attic space I went.

Did you know that mice are the enemies of global warming? No? Thought not. Having done the right thing and added extra insulation in the loft it turns out that fibre glass insulation looks like a Barrats home to a mouse. So they chew their way in and create a nice little nest which is of course very cosy due to the expensive ultra-insulation you have paid for just to keep them warm. Good thing about living in a more rural setting is that it’s not hard to get hold of someone who does pest control. We had asked our lawn guy when we needed someone to get rid of wasps, actually we ask him about everything because he always knows someone, so I rung the pest guy up again about mice. His card said he offered a deer management service, but I was pretty sure that wasn’t the problem due to the size of the attic hatch door.

A few trays of green gravel placed strategically about the attic space later we were apparently set and off he went. Then we got the smell. To be honest the cat uses a litter tray so we have got used to the occasional mal odour, but this was in a different league. The plan is that the mice eat the poisonous green gravel, feel poorly and go outside to look for water and die. What they are not supposed to do is die insitu and create a smell. Well this was end of last week and the pest guy assured us that since mice were so small, the smell would soon go. It is therefore a mystery why it is still here and apparently spreading and he is coming round shortly to try and figure out why such a small creature can create such a long-lasting smell. For the sake of our sinuses I hope he finds out.