Every year in Lymington someone moors a small boat in the Lymington River just off Bridge Road. In past years it has contained snowmen and santas among other things. It looked particularly festive when it snowed, but due to the inflatable nature of the occupants, there was a tendency to turn around whenever there was the slightest gust of wind and face the wrong way. Which is not to say that the backside of an inflatable snowman isn’t amusing in it’s own right, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t what the civically-minded individual had intended when they originally moored the boat. There was one year I recall when the inflatable figure sprung a leak, and started to deflate. If you’ve ever wanted a definition of a sad-looking sight, that was it.

This year, and in the face of political correctness requiring the purging of all religious reference from this season of celebration, there is a nativity scene. And underneath the nativity scene on the side of the boat, is a car number plate with PEACE2U on it. I couldn’t put it better myself. Happy Christmas.