Then why do they have a plug-hole? Having got the camera out for my previous post, I figured I’d seize the fish, Carpe Diem, carp, fish, geddit? Oh please yourself! Anyway having got the camera out and copied the images to the computer for resizing and uploading I thought I may as well also upload a few images from the annual Lymington bath-tub race held every, well, year. Thanks to the Lymington Town Yacht Club who made their grounds and their little bit of the Lymington river available, various assorted types took to the water with varying degrees of success.

I have no idea what the judging criteria was as it seems that the organizers main focus was in getting all the competitors to race a sufficient number of times to sink most of them. I was minded of the concept of testing to destruction in order to ascertain quality of design. In truth it really didn’t take long for the limitations of some designs to be well and truly found out. We were given to understand that one particular tub hadn’t even been tested in terms of actually floating. I think it safe to say that actually putting it in the water turned out to be a step too far. Not a particularly welcome feature for something designed to be a water-borne method of transport. Still, from dry land at least it was a thoroughly experience watching others misfortunes. Particularly when the misfortunes were brought about in shall we say a planned fashion by other contestants.

As ever at this sort of do, I took an awful lot of pictures, here’s just a few…

Bath tub race

Soapwith Flannel

Number Six

Buccaneer Sinking

Well and truly sunk