During a somewhat changeable day weather-wise yesterday, it became clear that there was to be no flooding in Lymington. At one point in the afternoon there was the most impressive rainbow over the town, at least as viewed from the car park behind M&S, and everyone knows that means there will be no flooding, right?

Of course the recently (nearly) completed flood defences along the Lymington river may also have some say in the matter, but only when they finish said defences by placing a (presumably moveable) gate across the road at Bridge Road. At present we are safe from flooding as long as the water doesn’t get sneaky and go along the road and thereby bypass the impressive metal wall erected along the side of the railway. Trouble is you never know where you are with water, sometimes it’ll float your boat, other times it’ll bite you. Mixed-metaphorically speaking of course.

One thing I haven’t figured in this is quite where our new