Charity Fashion Show 21 June Bournemouth

Now for someone as naturally stylish as me, it’s great to have this recognised by style professionals. In this case it is Kiki’s Boutique

Disabled access to banks in Lymington

Last week, or the week before, or…. well recently anyway, I was in Barclays in Lymington High Street

Zipped up at last

You blink once and 6 months goes, just like that. Hmm. Think I’ll have to unload various random ramblings on a more regular basis, they’re not doing me any good stuck inside my head…

So anyway, around 3 years ago the zip on my leather jacket broke. Well actually the little brass stopend came off and meant there was no way of doing up what was otherwise a perfectly good, nay extremely cool jacket. I was told recently that cool is not cool any more and hasn’t been for some time. Hey, if it was good enough for the Fonz.

What do you do these days when you need to find out about services? No madam not that sort of service. The sort you aren’t concerned your wife might find out about. Actually you do the same for both