Sheep hordes

Every so often I come across something that reminds me what kind of a place we live in, and makes me glad of it.

We were recently making one of our regular visits to Salisbury Hospital to see the resident Fibromyalgia specialist concerning Wife’s ongoing pain management and touching base on any new or improved ways of doing it. In pre Sat Nav days we would have gone via main roads as we consider being late for an appointment pretty rude. However a few visits ago Eliza our Sat Nav took us via a geographically more direct but somewhat less than main road route and it stuck so we now allow extra

Remembering WWII in the New Forest

There’s great popularity these days for looking back, whether to value antiques, trace roots or honour those who have gone before. Fortunately though

Can you get Milford on Sea on the NHS?

Thing about ‘summer’ this year is you have to Seize the Fish when the opportunity presents itself. OK I know Carpe Diem means seize the day, but any mention of Carp just begs for a deliberate mis-translation in what passes for my mind. So Seize the Fish it is. Spread the use, you know it makes (no) sense!

To what was I alluding? Oh yes, break in bad weather equals chance to get out of the house. Wife had been feeling poorly for most of day yesterday so when the evening came and offered nothing in the way of precipitation and only Germany versus Holland on the tele, I suggested a short drive to Milford on Sea. Why MoS? It has the advantage of car parks right on the front with disabled spaces and benches which look out over the sea to the Needles.

Strangely to my mind, but I’ve already drawn too much attention to that anyway, there were not too many people enjoying the not cold evening so it was remarkably quiet. Since we’re not yet old enough to sit sleeping