Lymington Rotary Club fireworks display 2012

The inevitable advance of Winter is always highlighted around this time each year as news of the annual extravaganza which is the Lymington Rotary Club annual fireworks display hoves into view over the horizon. I don’t mean to blame the good Rotarians of Lymington for any inclement weather that comes our way this season, after all it’s been a year to forget if only we could, weather-wise, but nonetheless after Halloween and Bonfire Night it’s all pretty much downhill until Christmas.

It will come as no surprise to those who have attended before that it’s being held on Pennington Common again this year and there is free parking on the common. Call me paranoid if you will, but I hope there are a few farmers or 4×4 drivers in the Rotarians as after the

J D Wetherspoon in Lymington

I was initially amused to see that there was a thread running through BBC Breakfast TV this morning concerning whether Lymington was snobby and elitist. And why? Because the planning application for a J D Wetherspoon pub had been rejected.

I say ‘initially’ amused as I have been astonished at the volume and tone of comment and debate generated by the item. Regrettably a lot has been ill-informed with people making good use of their pre-formed prejudices to come to their conclusions. So without further ado I will add my ill-informed prejudices to them.

I’m not sure the interview I saw with a member of the Lymington Society arguing that the character of the town would be ruined was possibly the best choice of argument against the pub. In a town with a number of national high street shops, restaurants and coffee shops

Milford on Sea Food Week

Milford on Sea Food Week runs from the Bank Holiday Monday 5th April until Sunday 11th April 2010 and now consists of 100 events. Not sure how that fits in to your regular week, but at least the bank holiday gives you a fighting chance of getting off to a flying start if you’re that type of person who can’t bear to miss anything.

I’m no expert in such things, but assuming you can get to even the